Class of 2020 Project

This is an ongoing event

Plymouth recognizes that we have a robust connection with the past. But we also understand that the children of Plymouth are our connection to the future.

That’s why the Plymouth school system and the graduating class of 2020 are involved in commemorative projects that challenge them to not only understand their town’s history, but also contribute to it.

The Class of 2020 has been engaged in activities since first grade. Each year they have created an artifact to add to their 2020 portoflio.  At graduation time, June of 2020, they will receive their portfolio back to review and reminisce about the significance of being high school seniors the same year the town is commemorating the landing of the Mayflower in 1620.

As first graders, they drew a picture of their favorite place in town and in second grade they filled out a paper that asked about when they “sailed” into Plymouth.  In grade three, students completed a book entitled When I was Young in Plymouth and this year as fourth graders, they are writing a letter to out-of-town students, telling them about the place they think is special and the visitors should be sure to see when visiting Plymouth.

Volunteers file the student work during the summer, and each year the Class of 2020 will continue to record their memories and thoughts about American’s hometown as members of this special class.