Get Licensed

Plymouth 400 commemorative license plates are no longer available through Plymouth 400;

they will be available through the Massachusetts RMV within the next few months. Stay tuned!

Custom Numbers between 101-1600 are available.
To inquire about number availability, contact Cheryl Soares at 508-812-2020 ext. 112 

Join the drive to get a commemorative license plate that celebrates Plymouth 400. The cost to purchase a plate is only $40. Once we have 1,500 applications with payment, production begins! 
Purchasing a commemorative Plymouth 400 plate is a great way to show your local pride and support the events leading up to the 400th Anniversary. To learn more about Plymouth 400 License Plates, click here.

Numbers 1-99, and ten special numbers have been reserved for auction. The ten special numbers are:

  • 1620, 1621 (the “First Thanksgiving”)
  • 1623 (Plymouth’s actual first recorded Thanksgiving)
  • 1627 (Plimoth Plantation's date), 1820 (the Bicentennial)
  • 1824 (Pilgrim Hall built)
  • 1863 (Lincoln’s Thanksgiving, first of our modern series)
  • 1920 (the Tercentenary)
  • 1957 (Mayflower II)
  • 2020 (The big anniverary!)


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