2020 Stamp

Our First National Initiative!

Plymouth 400 has been working hard under the guidance of the Plymouth Rock Stamp Club! We are asking the US Postal Service to issue one or more stamps commemorating 400 years, just as it did for the 300th and the 350th. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands, both integral to our history, may join in issuing 400th commemorative stamps.

You can help!

The United States Postal Service issues approximately 150 different commemorative postage stamps each year showcasing around 20 different topic, subjects and motifs. Many are suggested by you, the public.  Here's how.
The Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) is tasked by the Postmaster General to evaluate public suggestions and recommend to the Postmaster General those suggestions that are subjects of broad national interest and are educational. Selections are made with all postal customers in mind and a good mix of subjects is recommended.
The CSAC members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Postmaster General. The Committee is composed of a maximum of 15 members whose backgrounds reflect a wide range of educational, artistic, historical and professional expertise.
The Committee meets four times annually in Washington, DC for two consecutive days, employs no staff, but has the Postal Service manage its administrative matters. The staff is responsible for maintaining records for as many as 40,000 annual recommendations.
Stamp proposals must be submitted in writing to the CSAC. Subjects should be submitted at least three years in advance of the proposed date of issue to allow sufficient time for consideration and for design and production, if the subject proposals are approved.
Once a subject is approved, the Postal Service relies heavily on art directors under contract to the Postal Service for the selection of artists who will execute the designs. Stamp designing is considered an unusual art form requiring skill in portraying a subject within very small dimensions. Due to the demands of stamp design and reproduction requirements, it is the Postal Service policy not to review nor accept unsolicited artwork.
Proponents are not advised if a subject has been approved for issuance until a general announcement is made to the public.

United States Postal Stamps

Submit letters to the CSAC in significant volume and with enough persuasion to have the CSAC recommend our ideas to the Postal Service for issuance of stamps beginning perhaps as early as 2019. You can review what has been done in the past and formulate your opinions for submission to the CSAC from this site.